What is supportive living?

Supportive Living is an assisted living model administered by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services that combines housing with services for persons 22 and over with physical disabilities. The program is designed to preserve privacy and autonomy while emphasizing health and wellness for persons otherwise needing nursing facility care. At Eden, people live in their own private apartments while utilizing many different services designed to meet their unique needs and remaining as independent as possible.

How affordable is Eden Supportive Living?

We’d be happy to go over our fee structure with you. We realize that people may have limited incomes. Typically, the cost of living at Eden is as little as a third of the cost of renting one’s own apartment while paying for meals, utilities, and part-time care. Rent and all services and amenities are included in Eden's single, simple monthly fee. Qualified residents eligible for financial assistance under Medicaid may be able to receive financial assistance for their care at Eden (please ask our marketing representatives for more information).

What is Eden’s Philosophy?

Eden Supportive Living’s mission is to serve people between the ages 22 years or older with disabilities by offering an accessible, residential community where a person with a disability can find support with their activities of daily living and preserve their privacy, dignity and independence.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • You must be 22 or older; and
  • You have a physical disability as defined by the Social Security Act; and
  • Be screened by HFS and determined that Eden is appropriate to meet your needs; and
  • Pass background/credit check; and
  • Demonstrate your ability to comply with reasonable rules of residency, such as:
    • Not verbally or physically abusing others
    • Not committing property damage, theft or vandalism
    • Not creating a threat to yourself or the health and safety of others
    • Not using or possessing illegal drugs or substances

I am interested in applying for residency at one of Eden’s facilities, but I have mental health issues, in addition to a physical disability. Can I still be considered for residency?

Eden accepts individuals with mental health issues. So, this should not discourage you from applying for residency. As long as you satisfy Eden’s listed requirements for residency, mental health issues will not prevent you from being accepted by Eden.


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